A condition in which two or more finger are fused together, can be on one or both hands. It can be complete: in which the fusion is along the whole length of the fingers or incomplete: in which the fusion stops at a variable distance along the length of the finger. Also it might be simple:  only skin or complex: the fusion contains joints or bone 

Surgery remains the only available option. Surgery is usually done with the use of the available skin, re orientation is done. A skin graft might be needed which can be taken from the lower abdomen or from the hand itself

Key facts about Syndactayly

  • Hospital or an in –office procedure:  hospital procedure.
  • Anesthesia: General.
  • Incisions: zig- zag wounds at the side of the fused fingers.
  • Length of procedure: 2 hours.
  • What to expect: healing takes 2 weeks, usually dressing remains in place for 3-5 days then dressing every two days is required till the wounds heal. Full regain of function and no residual defect.
  • Discomfort: moderate.
  • Long term result: the procedure is permanent. With minimal scaring.